Imperium Staple 08

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Imperium Staple 8
Issue 8 cover
Publisher Herb Petro
Version Classic Traveller
Author Herb Petro
Format magazine
Canonical no
Year Published 1986
Pages 15
Imperium Staple Issue 8

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Updates to Maneuver Drives from issue 7
Updates to Low Berth Naval Duty from issue 6
SPA: Robotic and Shipboard CPU Relationships
SPA: Best Combat Ships, Part IV
SPA: Standard Configuration Starships, Part 3
SPA: Best Combat Ships Diagram
Survey Report: 3-D Traveller
Survey Report: 3-D Traveller Diagram
TAS Form 2b, Personal Data Form
Review: Challenge #26
Review: Travellers' Digest #6
Trade & Commerce: Small Cargo, Diamods
Trade & Commerce: Small Cargo, Dust Spice
File:TIS Issue 08.pdf