Imperium Staple 06

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Imperium Staple 6
Issue 6 cover
Publisher Herb Petro
Version Classic Traveller
Author Herb Petro
Format magazine
Canonical no
Year Published 1986
Pages 15
Imperium Staple Issue 6

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Major Race References
Depots of the Imperium
Research Stations of the Imperium
Rhylanor SPA-RD: Variant Garhawk Class Ship
Rhylanor SPA-RD: Attacking Vulture Class Ship
At the TAS: Low Berth Naval Duty
At the TAS: Skill Additions
Robot Agility
Interstellar General Store: Robot Programs
Survey Report: The Reidan Subsector
Survey Report: Reidan Subsector Map
Survey Report: Reidan Subsector stats
At the TAS: Hunter Character Sketch
Review: Robots, Book 8
Review: Alien Realms
Review: Hivers, Alien Module 7
Review: Grand Survey
File:TIS Issue 06.pdf