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{{InfoboxBook|name=Imperium Staple 11|image=[[Image:IS11cover.jpg]]|
|name=Imperium Staple 11|image=[[Image:IS11cover.jpg]]|
caption=Issue 11 cover|publisher=[[W. Elmer Hinton]]|
caption=Issue 11 cover|publisher=[[W. Elmer Hinton]]|
version=[[Classic Traveller]]|
version=[[Classic Traveller]]|

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Imperium Staple 11
Issue 11 cover
Publisher [[W. Elmer Hinton]]
Author [[W. Elmer Hinton]]
Version [[Classic Traveller]]
Format magazine
Pages 15
Year Published 1987
Language English
Canonical no
[[Category:Classic Traveller Books]]

[[Category:W. Elmer Hinton Books]]Imperium Staple Issue 11

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Piah Subsector of Foreven Sector
Fellow Travellers: Gadagkhup Kampf
Traveller Publication Checklist
Letter, Submissions and Future Shlock
Review: Continuum
News and Views
File:TIS Issue 11.pdf