Imperium Staple 01

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Imperium Staple 1
Issue 1 cover
Publisher Herb Petro
Version Classic Traveller
Author Herb Petro
Format magazine
Canonical no
Year Published 1986
Pages 15
Imperium Staple Issue 1

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Speculation on GDW Adventure Discontinuation
Preview: Upcoming DGP Material
Character Sketch: ASsassin/Bounty Hunter
Report of the Imperial Society for the Preservation of Rel
Simulating the URP and PRP for Traveller
Review: Between Worlds #2
Standard Configuration Starship
J-4 Battle Fleets
Traveller Round Robins
Traveller Set: Merchant Activities
Want Ad Guidelines
Want Ads
Note from Ed Edwards to former WP readers
Traveller Spirit of '86: Gamelords
File:TIS Issue 01.pdf