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The Imperium Staple was a traveller fanzine published by Herb Petro (issues 1-10) and W. Elmer Hinton (issues 11-12).

Herb started the fanzine due to the encouragement of Ed Edwards, editor of the fanzine Working Passage for Traveller, after Working Passage ceased publication.

As with many hobby efforts, real life intervened after a while. Herb did not want to cease publication and found Mr. Hinton amenable to assuming publication of The Imperium Staple. Mr. Hinton had small press amateur publishing experience due to many years of publishing several Diplomacy zines.

The subscription list and the the full subscription fund was transferred to Mr. Hinton after issue #10. Miscommunication and differing expectations post-transfer resulted in Mr. Hinton refusing to send Herb copies of issue #11 and #12. Mr. Hinton apparently ceased publication after issue #12.

Herb did start another short-lived zine, Continuum, which lasted for three issues. This was intended to feature one of Herb's versions of the Traveller universe with ideas that were very non-canon (such as faster than jump communication).