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An Imperial Cultural Region is a subgrouping within the larger Third Imperium.

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Third Imperium:

Description (Specifications)

These sub-polities or subgroupings allow cultural groups with strong identities toc retain a larger degree of cultural expression and autonomy than previously experienced.

  • While many cultural regions are based upon racial (genetic) species or groupings, others are purely cultural (sociological) or historical in scope.
  • The goal of the program is to recognize and encourage diversity within the Third Imperium.

Cultural Region Listing: 1105

The following cultural regions, and their associated governments, can be found within the Third Imperium:

Non-extant Cultural-Autonomous Regions

At one time, a deliberate program of extending greater autonimity to Imperial subjects was being instituted, but it was later rejected as being too divisive:

History & Background (Dossier)

Most Imperial cultural regions were once rebellious areas before being conquered and incorporated into the Third Imperium.

  • As such most Imperial cultural regions are anchored to a government polity associated with the conquered group.

Establishment of the Cultural Region System

The CRS System is intended to foster interstellar trade, society, and eventual inclusion within the Third Imperium. The typical progression of development includes the following sequence:

  1. Postal Union
  2. Free Trade Zone
  3. County
  4. Duchy
  5. Imperial Cultural Region
  6. Imperial Autonomous Region
  7. Third Imperium

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