Imperial Bureaucracy

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Imperial Bureaucracy (Institution) Synopsis

The Imperial Bureaucracy of the Third Imperium is the group of governing bodies that administers to the needs of the Imperium and is divided into three parts:

  • Civil Ministries of the Imperium
  • Defense Ministry of the Imperium
  • Offices of the Emperor

Imperial Bureaucracy (Institution) Description

The largest part are the ministries which support the inner workings of the Imperium and are overseen by High nobles. The second part is the Ministry of Defense which oversees, and run by, the Imperial armed forces. The third part are the various Imperial offices, which report directly to the Emperor.

Imperial Bureaucracy (Institution) History & Background

When Cleon founded the Imperium, there were five bureaucratic agencies. Over the years these agencies grew, split, intermingled and rejoined.

Imperial Bureaucracy (Institution) Organization

The three primary groupings of the Imperial Bureaucracy each perform specialized tasks:

  • Civil Ministries of the Imperium (Administrative needs such as justice, commerce, communication, science, etc.)
  • Defense Ministry of the Imperium (Military needs such as defense of the realm and maintenance of the starways)
  • Offices of the Emperor (Needs of the Emperor such as security, ceremonial functions, lodgings, travel, etc.)

Civil Ministries of the Imperium

The ministries are overseen by the Imperial Nobility, it is the duty of the High nobility to serve as the minister and director of each of the ministries within their demese.

The ministries within the Imperium are:

State & Justice Ministries:

Commerce & Communications Ministries:

Science & Technologies Ministries:

Defense Ministry of the Imperium

The Minister is in charge of advising the Emperor on military affairs, evaluaing the general state of the Imperial military, and supervising long-term military planning, research and development. The Minister of Defense is appointed by the Emperor and reports directly to him.

  • Imperial High Command (Office of the Unified Armies of the Imperium): The Imperial High Command, consisting of the First Lord of the Admiralty and the Lord Marshal of the Unified Armies, also report directly to the Emperor. The role of the High Command is to set military policy and perform stratigic planning.
    • Office of the Administration
    • Office of the Commando (Special Forces)
    • Office of Communications (News & Public Relations)
  • Admiralty (Office of the Navy): The Naval office of the Ministry of Defense, also know as the Admiralty, is in charge of the Imperial Navy. The Naval office is run by the First Lord of the Admiralty, who heads the Board of the Admiralty.

Offices of the Emperor

These offices are part of the Emperors staff and oversee various aspects of the Imperium that do not belong to other ministries.

Primary Service Offices:

Secondary Service Offices:

Imperial Bureaucracy (Institution) Reference

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