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The Gvegh Region is a spinward region of the Vargr Extents largely comprises of the Gvegh culture.

The Vargr were first drawn here for the opportunities provided by the Zhodani Consulate. Due to the proximity with the Zhodani, there are more trained Vargr psionics in this region than anywhere else in the Extents, and Psionic Institutes are more commonplace along the Zhodani border.

The Gvegh region prospers in many ways but it is also the most politically volatile area in the Vargr Extents. The governments here tend to have a large sphere of influence but they rise and fall with alarming regularity. The consequence of this political unrest is a region of constant disputes, shifting boundaries, border skirmishes and wars. This way of life also manifests on a smaller scale. Vargr individuals in the Gvegh region tend to be more impulsive than other Vargr and easily dissatisfied when situations are not to their liking.

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