Gitsuraeguethousu (world)

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Gitsuraeguethousu/Piprninsh (Knoellighz 0736)
Milieu 1116
StarportA Excellent: Starship Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size3 Small (4,800 km, 0.24g - 0.34g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
Hydrographics5 Wet World 50%
Population3 Low (8 thousand)
Government4 Representative Democracy
Law1 Low Law (no explosives, poison gas)
Tech LevelC Average Stellar (robots)
See also UWP
Jump map from [1]
System Details
Primary F5 V
Worlds 11
Gas Giants 0
Planetoid Belts 1
Cultural Details
Government Representative democracy
Law Level Low
Cultural Extension 647C
Army Size (BEs) 0
Economic Details
Technology Level 12
Economic Extension
Labor2Low (800)
Infrastructure1 Extremely limited
Importance Extension 1
Resource Units 1
GWP (BCr) 0
World Trade Number 3.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 73
Starport Details
Classification Class-A
Port Size 2
Building Capacity (Tons) 0
Port employees 10
Port passengers (annual) 3,000

Gitsuraeguethousu supports a population of fewer than 10,000 sophonts. It is a Vargr dominated Non-Aligned world in the Piprninsh Subsector of Knoellighz Sector.

  • This system hosts a Naval Base for support of military starships.

History and Background

Gitsuraeguethousu (Knoellighz 0736) A365341-C Ht Lo Ni at 8000 Highport workers maintains a geostationary, orbital platform tethered to the planet’s surface with a space elevator. The small planet below, with its lower gravity, yet ideal atmosphere is being slowly groomed as a park, plaza and a gathering facility for Zhodani Diplomats, Nobles and other dignitaries to meet with their allies, the Vargr Emissaries, officials and corporate executives.

As of 1105, the A-rated Starport has attracted many vessels to this system as it lies on the famous Bridge of Destiny, a long Jump-1 main stretching across four polities in Knoellighz Sector. Meeting halls, offices, hostels and online mercantile escrow boards are available to visitors as the orbital platform has yet to completely fill its full volume. Trade takes place on Gitsuraeguethousu despite competition from the Corsairs-turned-Privateers of Asal (Knoellighz 0637).

Another attraction to Gitsuraeguethousu’s growing economy is the collection of eight planetoid and ice crystal belts in the outer orbital bands. Without the presence of Gas Giants, refueling here must take place at the Highport or planetside seas, (permit required), for which the facility reaps the profits. These profits, mining, Starport services as well as planetside services are used to complete the Naval Base found orbiting opposite the Highport in 1105. The Naval Base was a collaboration of plans amalgamated from space construction architects from both the Zhodani Consulate and the Infinity League of Piprninsh Subsector. Visitors can expect to see both Zhodani and Gvegh Vargr motif and lines in the platform’s geometric and curvilinear structures.

Administration of the Highport, Traffic Control and planetary facilities takes an elected Board of Directors in a direct democratic, online system of voting accessible by citizen-workers. Those who care to vote on an issue merely express their values over their hand computers, personal comms or at a facility terminal. Votes are calculated by high-tech computers and results immediately displayed everywhere without bias. The Board of Directors then carries out the majority will within limits of hard and liquid assets.

Classic Era: 1105

Rebellion Era: 1116

Hard Times Era: 1120

Virus Era: 1130s

Empress Wave: 1155

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