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A Gentleman or Gentlesophont is an accomplished individual who has a positive relationship with the government and nobility.

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Imperial Nobility:

Description (Specifications)

Gentlemen or ladies aren't technically nobility, but their prestige is based upon their own accomplishmnets as well as interaction with the nobility.

Entitlement Synopsis

Not technically a rank of nobility. An Imperial Gentleman is one who is independently wealthy at a level in which he interacts with Imperial Nobility. He may be a significant member of local planetary aristocracy, the descendant of an Imperial Knight, or related to a non-inheriting cadet-line of an Imperial Noble Title. An Imperial Gentleman might be known by any number of different local titles from local world cultures or traditions, including such Galanglic titles as, Lord, Esquire, Patrician, Thane, Master, Holder, etc., or alternatively, might be known by no special title at all other than "Imperial Gentleman".

In addition to personal property and lands, an Imperial Gentleman may occasionally hold a single terrain hex as a land grant, usually on a non-mainworld within a system. An Imperial Gentleman's land grant is generally known as a Lordship or Seigneury or (if it is the location of the Gentleman's estate) a Manor.

History & Background (Dossier)

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References & Contributors (Sources)

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