GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 1

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Alien Races 1
Zhodani, Vargr and other races of the Spinward Marches
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Version GURPS Traveller
Author David L. Pulver
Format Paperback
Canonical Yes
Year Published 1998
Pages 144
Available from e23
ISBN 1-55634-361-2 Stock #6603

Two Major Races...

In contrast to the Imperium, the human-descended Zhodani have long embraced psi powers. Within their vast interstellar empire, crime is almost unknown, workers are uniformly happy in their jobs, and mental illness is as easy to cure as a paper cut, thanks to advanced powers of the mind ... and periodic visits from the Thought Police.

The Vargr are a race of aliens descended from transplanted Terran canines. Removed from Earth hundreds of millennia ago, the Vargr have continued to develop on worlds millions of miles away from their planet of origin, and now control hundreds of worlds, under almost as many separate governments.

Both are formidable rivals to the Third Imperium. Alien Races 1 for GURPS Traveller has everything you need to set a campaign in the Zhodani Consulate or Vargr Extents. It includes starship deck plans and vehicle designs, weaponry, rules and templates for creating player characters and NPCs, up-to-date history and cultural information, and much more.

Three Minor Races ...

Presented here for the first time are three significant "minor races" from Zhodani and Vargr territory:

Almost unknown in Imperial territory, these races are growing powers in the Zhodani Consulate and the Vargr Extents.


David L. Pulver
Loren K. Wiseman
Paul Abrams and Tom Sorensen
Rob Caswell, Matt Cavotta, Langdon Foss, Fredd Gorham, and Glenn Grant

Table of Contents

Introduction 4
1. The Zhodani 5
2. The Vargr 64
3. The Drakarans 100
4. The Clotho 113
5. The Sheol 122
6. Psionics 134
Index 143