Fusion Weapon

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Fusion Weapons are a type of High-Energy Weapon that fires a stream of hydrogen plasma at fusion temperatures.

FGMP (Fusion Gun-Man Portable)

The FGMP-14 is similar in design and function to the PGMP-13. The FGMP-14 differs only in that it contains the plasma slightly longer until a fusion reaction begins to take place The weapon is somewhat more powerful than a plasma gun, and it may only be used by individuals wearing Battle Dress.

The FGMP-15 incorporates a gravity field generator similar to that used on the PGMP-14 and a weapon system similar to that of the FGMP-14.

The FGMP-16 is an advanced, lighter-weight version of the FGMP-15 with all of its features.

Fusion Rifle

A highly advanced, very portable version of the earlier FGMP weapons.

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