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A Fuel Treatment Plant is a technological device meant to purify and refine hydrogen from water or gas giant fluids and gases.

Description (Specifications)

Many modern spacecraft and starcraft employ such devices to collect fuel while outside of civilization and starports through the process of wilderness refueling.

Fuel Labs

Larger ships typically employ a very large fuel treatment plant along with a fuel lab, while smaller ships use a much smaller, automated device.

Fuel Locations

  1. Icy Asteroids
  2. Gas Giants
  3. Nebulae
  4. Worlds with Water
  5. etc.

History & Background (Dossier)

No information yet available.

Drive Malfunction & Fuel Correlation

One of the two primary factors influencing starship malfunction are unrefined fuel and lack of maintenance.[1] Military Ships tend to be built with more capable and tougher reactors capable of handling either unrefined or refined fuel. Civilian Ships are more often built with cheaper reactors that handle refined fuel well, but have a relatively high failure rate when using unrefined fuel. The odds go up for a misjump when unrefined fuel is used within an economy civilian reactor. This forces most civilian ship captains to spend more time refining unrefined fuel supplies. On-ship fuel refining equipment can vary greatly in cost and capability.

Wilderness Refueling

Fuel can quickly add up costwise and the cheaper fuel, Unrefined Fuel, adds extra risk, danger of drive malfunction, and misjump to a voyage. For this reason, many ship captains prefer the more time-consuming, but less expensive option of Wilderness Refueling, which is to say the stopping to collect water off a planet or from icy asteroids (...which can be refined into hydrogen fuels), or the collection of raw fuel substances from a gas giant. Such ships employ Fuel Scoops and a Fuel Treatment Plant. The ability to collect fuel on the fly is also of great value to Exploration Vessels and Scout Vessels. A military implication of this fact is that large areas (...rifts) without significant planets or fuel sources become strategic blocks to starship and warship movement. Jump Bridges of various types are one of the few solutions to this problem and they often come at great expense of resources, funds, time, and effort. [2]

References & Contributors (Sources)

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