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This is where you’ll find information on current events in the world of Traveller. Important events on the Traveller Wiki, new Traveller book releases, and news about companies that produce Traveller products. I will try to keep this as up-to-date as my schedule allows. If you have any recent information that you can’t find here please feel free to add it to the appropriate category.


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New Releases

Older releases

New Software

Heaven & Earth 1.08 has been released. see TML File Yahoo Group or RPG Resource. Heaven & Earth is an advanced star system generation and mapping program.

Traveller News

Ad Astra Games (publisher of Attack Vector Tactical) has annouced an agreement with Far Future Enterprises and BITS to produce Traveller Miniattures. The first run of miniatures will be matching the ships found in Power Projection. Announcement

Comstar Media announced they have licenced Hero Games Hero system to produce Traveller materials: Announcement

Library Data

As of Monday, February 20th 2006 we received permission to enter Library Data into the Traveller Wiki. It has begun...