Charming class Battleship

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Charming class Battleship
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Non-canon fan design.
Type: BA Heavy Battleship
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Architect Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
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Cargo 21 Tons
Cost MCr473,046.09  in quantity 378,436.872
Crew 3,077 with 390 Marines
Officers TBD
Enlisted TBD
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Hardpoints 3,900
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Jump J-3
Maneuver 4 G
Manufacturer Various
Marines TBD
Model TBD
Origin Old Worlds
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 390,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–12
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard Shipyard v1.13 written by Andrea Vallance.

The Old Worlds Navy relies on the Charming class Battleship as a ship of the line.

Description (Specifications)

This class of TL–12 Battleship has a spinal mounted meson gun, 222 missile batteries, twenty repulsor bays, forty fusion gun batteries, and forty beam laser batteries. They have forty sand batteries and very heavy armor. It is a partially streamlined cylindrical hull structure, with scoops and a fuel refinery. They carry three marine companies. It carries ten cutters, and has jump 3 range and 5 Gs acceleration with 3 agility.

History & Background (Dossier)

It is used by the Old Worlds Navy. Built for Battle Fleet Biskra (world) in the Crucis Margin Sector.

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