Barracks Emperors

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A subset of the Emperors of the Flag.

Description (Specifications)

There were numerous emperors of uncertain status and unlikely heritage ruled fragments of the Imperial core from 613 to 615.

History & Background (Dossier)

None held a sufficient balance of power to be judged truly emperor, none were supported by the Moot, and the Home Worlds had formed a temporary autonomous state. Nevertheless, no break in the Imperium is judged to have taken place as the Imperial bureaucracy continuted to function without interruption.

In 615, Cleon V was finally proclaimed emperor by a close vote in the Moot, reestablishing a proper dynastic succession.

Emperors of the Third Imperium

Emperors of the Third Imperium Imperial Crest
Cleon I • Cleon II • Artemsus • Martin I • Martin II • Cleon III • Porfiria • Anguistus • Martin III • Martin V • Nicholle • Cleon IV • Jerome • Jaqueline I • Olav • Ramon I • Constantus • Nicolai • George • Barracks Emperors • Cleon V • Joseph • Donald • Emdiri • Catharine • Ramon II • Jaqueline II • Usuti • Marava • Ivan • Martin VI • Gustus • Arbellatra • Zhakirov • Margaret I • Paulo I • Tomutov I • Paula II • Tomutova II • Margaret II • Styryx • Gavin • Paulo III • Strephon

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