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(History & Background (Dossier))
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### [[Very Heavy Mortar|Mortar, Very Heavy]] AKA [[Very Hvy Mortar]]
### [[Very Heavy Mortar|Mortar, Very Heavy]] AKA [[Very Hvy Mortar]]
== History & Background (Dossier) ==
== History & Background ([[Dossier]]) ==

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Artillery are typically very large weapons with capabilities to project much higher levels of damage over much farther distances when compared to most infantry weapons such as Smallarms, Light Weapons, and Heavy Weapons.

  • While not all artillery is indirect in nature, most is. The advantages of firing artillery over, around, or even through defenses is enormous.
  • Artillery uses all known weapon types:
  1. DEW
  2. GUW
  3. KEW

Description (Specifications)

Artillery weapons are one of the heaviest arms of ground forces.

  • Artillery weapons requiring a direct Line of Sight (LOS) are much more limited in scope.
  • All artillery is dependent on good intelligence to know where to target. Artillery not supported by effective sensor nets is near useless.
  • Once larger self-propelled vehicles are perfected to a minimal degree, typically in the TL:4-6 epoch, self-propelled artillery becomes an important arm of ground forces.
  • Once aircraft grow out of their initial frail forms typically in the TL:4-6 epoch, air support or the flying artillery, become a vital part of combined combat arms.

Indirect Fire vs. Direct Fire


  • LOS

Indirect Fire vs. Direct Fire

Missions and indications, COACC.

  • Anti-aircraft (flyers & smallcraft)
  • Anti-bunker (fortifications)
  • Anti-material (softskins & supplies)
  • Anti-personnel (infantry)
  • Anti-planet (world destruction)
  • Anti-ship (nautical)
  • Anti-star (star)
  • Anti-starship (vacuum)
  • Anti-tank (armored vehicles)

Gun Fire vs. Rocket Fire

Guns vs. Rockets

  • Tube Artillery (Guns)
  • Remote MRL (Rockets)

Selected Artillery by Role

  1. Strategic Artillery
  2. Tactical Artillery AKA Field Artillery

Selected Artillery by Type

  1. Energy Artillery
    1. Laser Guns
    2. Maser Guns
  2. High Energy Artillery
    1. Fusion Guns (DEW)
      1. X Gun
      2. Y Gun
      3. Z Gun
    2. Meson Accelerator AKA Meson Ace. (DEW)
    3. Plasma Guns (DEW)
      1. A Gun
      2. B Gun
      3. C Gun
  3. Missile Artillery (GUW)
    1. Strategic Missile (GUW)
      1. Conventional Missile Artillery
      2. Unconventional Missile Artillery
    2. Tactical Missile (GUW)
      1. Conventional Missile Artillery
      2. Unconventional Missile Artillery
  4. Munitions (Ammunition)
    1. Cluster Bomblet Munition
    2. Discarding Sabot Munition
    3. Flechette Munition
  5. Rocket Artillery (KEW)
    1. Multiple Rocket Launcher AKA MRL
      1. Multiple Rocket Launcher, Light AKA Lt MRL
      2. Multiple Rocket Launcher, Medium AKA MRL
      3. Multiple Rocket Launcher, Heavy AKA Hvy MRL
      4. Multiple Rocket Launcher, Remote AKA Remote MRL
  6. Tube Artillery (KEW)
    1. Howitzer (KEW)
      1. Howitzer, Light AKA Lt Howitzer
      2. Howitzer, Field
      3. Howitzer, Medium AKA Med Howitzer
      4. Howitzer, Heavy AKA Hvy Howitzer
    2. Mass Driver gun AKA MDG (KEW)
      1. Mass Driver, Light AKA Lt Mass Driver
      2. Mass Driver, Medium AKA Med Mass Driver
      3. Mass Driver, Heavy AKA Hvy Mass Driver
    3. Mortar (KEW)
      1. Mortar, Light AKA Lt Mortar
      2. Mortar, Medium AKA Md Mortar
      3. Mortar, Heavy AKA Hvy Mortar
      4. Mortar, Very Heavy AKA Very Hvy Mortar

History & Background (Dossier)


Field Artillery vs. Fixed Artillery


Fire Direction Technology

Fire direction aids.

Counterbattery Technology

Counterybattery devices.

Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA)


Artillery Point Defense


High Energy Artillery


Mass Driver Artillery


Meson Artillery




References & contributors (Sources)

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