Seldrian Aledon

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Regent: Seldrian Aledon
Regent of Regency of Deneb
Born 1097
Ascended 1157
Died 1190
Preceeded by Norris Aella Aledon
Succeeded by Caranda Aledon Alkhalikoi

Seldrian Aledon was the true-daughter and heir of Archduke Norris Aella Aledon of the Domain of Deneb. She served as the head of the Regency from 1157 to her death in 1190.

Description (Specifications)

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History & Background (Dossier)

Norris remained unmarried for all of his life and chose to have Seldrian, his opposite-sex clone, created as an heir to his positions. She also served has Norris's personal assistant.

Seldrian served in the diplomatic corps on the Arrival Vengance mission of 1123-1126, where she first met Avery Aella Alkhalikoi, then a young boy. Seldrian and Avery married in 1144 in a marriage of state; their personal relationship was fraught, and Avery spent most of his time away from the Regency seat of government on Mora. However, they did produce a son, Caranda, whom Seldrian bore in 1147. The marriage ended with Avery's death in 1149.

On Norris's death in 1157, Seldrian assumed his position of Regent, and she ruled alone for the rest of her life. She died in 1190, succeeded by Caranda.

In 1126, during the visit of Arrival Vengeance to Usdiki, Strephon was overheard stating that Norris "[didn't] make an attractive woman".

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