Zuan Kerr

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Statesman: Zuan Kerr
Statesman of Third Imperium
Born -22
Ascended TBD
Died 67
Preceeded by TBD
Succeeded by TBD

Zuan Kerr (-22 to 67) was a famous Imperial statesman and arbitrator and was largely responsible for bringing Ershur Subsector into the growing Third Imperium.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Named Kerr in honor of his remarkable achievement of convincing the majority of the worlds in that anti-Imperial subsector to join Cleon's new Imperium at last. Kerr devoted the best years of his life to bringing these worlds into the Imperium. During the more than 50 years that he spent in this subsector (from 3 to 57) he literally lived on each world, and became a local inhabitant.

Universal Personality Profile (UPP)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Kerr was a vocal opponent of Emperor Artemsus's militaristic "pacification growth" concept, first espoused by Artemsus in 60. Kerr had much sympathy in the Moot. However, Kerr died in 67, and over the next ten years, Artemsus was able to sway the Moot, now that the great champion of the "Kerrian" political period was dead. The Pacification Campaigns started in 76, and lasted for some 60 years. Historians consider the pacification period under Artemsus to be one of the darker periods of Imperial history.

Personage Timeline[edit]

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