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Zhunastu Industrial Laboratories, LIC (also ZIL) is the high-technology research arm of Zhunastu Industries, and enjoys the services of some of the brightest scientists in the Imperium.

ZIL maintains a range of research divisions, each of which specializes in a different aspect of technology:

Energy Division (ED)
researches new sources of energy and improvements in existing energy generation technologies.
Advanced Materials Division (AMD) 
studies materials science and devises new metal alloys, polymers, ceramics, and superconducting materials.
Bioproducts Division (BD) 
researches genetic engineering and related biological technologies for industrial, agricultural, and other uses.
Robotics Division (RD) 
develops new robotic technologies, largely for industrial purposes.
Industrial Division (ID) 
concentrates upon improving existing industrial technologies. ID is also responsible for researching new computer and communications technologies.
Vehicles Division (VD) 
Develops prototypes of starships, space craft, planetary vehicles, and installations such as bases and space stations. This division also researches new jump drive and propulsion technologies, as well as life support and related equipment.
Weapon System Division (WSD) 
Works on developing new weapons systems, including a whole range of hand-held and vehicle-mounted energy weapons.
Technology Redevelopment Division (TRD) 
Searches through records and artifacts left by previous civilizations in order to extract useful technological innovations.

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