Zhodatl class System Defense Boat

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Zhodatl Class System Defense Boat
Type: BM Monitor
Origin Zhodani
Technology level TL–12
Size 1,000 Tons
Jump J-0
Maneuver 6 G
Hardpoints 10
Cargo 94 Tons
Crew 28 with 12 Marines
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr 1,355.452 br />Qty: MCr 1,073.626

Ship: Zhodatl
Class: Zhodatl
Type: Missile Boat
Architect: Tobias
Tech Level: 12

Detailed Description

HULL 1,000 tons standard, 14,000 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge Configuration

CREW Pilot, Navigator, 11 Engineers, Medic, 2 Gunners, 12 Marines

ENGINEERING Jump-0, 6G Maneuver, Power plant-7, 70.000 EP, Agility 6

AVIONICS Bridge, Model/6fib Computer

HARDPOINTS 1 100-ton bay

ARMAMENT 1 100-ton Missile Bay (Factor-9)

DEFENCES Armoured Hull (Factor-12)


FUEL 70 Tons Fuel (0 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance) On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

MISCELLANEOUS 14 Staterooms, 94 Tons Cargo


COST MCr 1,355.452 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 13.42), MCr 1,073.626 in Quantity

CONSTRUCTION TIME 120 Weeks Singly, 96 Weeks in Quantity

COMMENTS: Serving with the Zhodani Navy and designed to provide security for system based resources, these missile boats defend many systems within the borders of the consulate.

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