Type ZHG class Council Cruiser

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Type ZHG class Council Cruiser
Type: HG Cruiser
Origin Zhodani
Tech Level TL–14
Size 2,000 Tons
Jump J-4
Maneuver 4 G
Hardpoints 20
Cargo 50 Tons
Crew 10
Passengers 10 High/Med 10 Low
Cost MCr966.93

The Zhodani Council cruiser is a fast vessel typically placed in the hand of senior supreme coucil members or agents for use on council business.

Fuel tankage for 1,240 tons support the power plant an a total of six jump-1. Adjacent to the bridge is a model/6 computer. There are 40 staterooms and 10 emergency low berths. The ship has twenty hardpoints and twenty tons of fire control. Installed in the hardports are 20 triple turrets, each mounting one beam laser, one missile rack, and one sandcaster. There are three ships vehicles: One G-Carrier, one 40-ton Pinnace, and one type ZC courier; all three fit into faring on the outer hull. The hull is streamlined.

The Council cruiser requires a crew of 10; Pilot, navigator, seven engineers, and medic. It typically operates with a crew of 30, which adds a Noble commander, and Intendant commader's assistant, three watch officers, a courier crew of five, and a force of ten gunners (who also act as a security force). Members of the security force are capable of operating the pinnace and the GCarrier. This ship can carry passengers in empty staterooms (usually up to ten in the ship and four more in the courier). The ship takes 32 months to build.

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