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The Zhodani Navy is formally known as the Zhodani Consulate Combined Interstellar Forces, and is one of the most potent armed forces in Charted Space.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Zhodani Consulate Combined Interstellar Forces

  • The Zhodani maintain well-trained and supplied armies and navies of considerable size.
  • The Zhodani Military maintains both a formal, standing army of active service, the Zhodani Consulate Combined Interstellar Forces, as well as a reserve system, the Zhodani Consulate Auxiliary Guard, of auxiliary military forces for call-up upon need.
  • Nobles and Intendants serve as officers, in most command positions, while Proles overwhelmingly form enlisted rank and file, who mostly serve as combat arms (infantry) and in support roles (logistics, maintenance, etc.).

Mission (Goals)[edit]

Expansion coreward in support of the expeditions is a very high priority. Maintenance of border security throughout the rest of Consular Space is a dedicated emphasis. Checking the expansion of aggressive border states to support long term security for zhodani civilization is also a major objective for the naval forces.

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

Their forces maintain a high state of readiness and once a conflict has started, they have historically conducted well-planned, long-duration aggressive campaigns deep into enemy territory with the objective of isolating and laying siege to high value, high population planets.

Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Consular Navy Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Commissioned Officers (Nobles & Intendants)
O12 » Consular Officer
O11 » Provincial/Sector Officer
O10 » Fleet Officer (First Rank)
O9 » Fleet Officer (Second Rank)
O8 » Fleet Officer (Third Rank)
O7 » Squadron Officer (= Chtefchoaz)
O6 » Capital Ship / Battleship Officer
O5 » Cruiser Officer
O4 » Destroyer Officer
O3 » Deck Officer (= Tsantcheil)
O2 » Watch Officer (= Tsantedr)
O1 » Learning Officer (= Ovet')
O0 » Waiting Officer (= "Subaltern")
Enlisted (Ratings) - (Proles)
E9 » Base Leader
E8 » Crew Leader
E7 » Deck Leader
E6 » Compartment Leader
E5 » Section Leader
E4 » Advanced Spacer
E3 » Spacer
E2 » Trainee
E1 » Recruit
E0 » Recruit

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force are included in the table to the right.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

They have conducted numerous wars along the frontier to blunt imperial expansion into their territory. They have maintained steady state borders along most other fronts for centuries. One notable exception is the massive push toward the galactic core.

TO&E (Organization)[edit]

No information yet available.

Fleet Composition[edit]

More detailed information about the starship classes and named members of the fleet can be found here:

Selected Ship Classes[edit]

Some ship classes widely used within Zhodani Space include:

  1. Aanz class System Shuttle
  2. Achzhdr class Battle Rider
  3. Akrzhdiats class Heavy Cruiser
  4. Anzh class Heavy Fighter
  5. Anzha class Battle Rider
  6. Banya class Light Fleet Corvette
  7. Baql class Light Fighter
  8. Berka class Heavy Fleet Corvette
  9. Bra'la class Corvette Transport
  10. Chanjitl class Light Fighter
  11. Chantoql class Courier
  12. Chatl class Scout
  13. Chazhdr class Light Cruiser
  14. Cheveldi class Battleship
  15. Chiqrr class Battleship
  16. Chonzde class Frontier Merchant
  17. Chtanoql class Scout
  18. Chtierabl class Transport
  19. Chtrfiak class Battleship
  20. Dadiat class Heavy Cruiser
  21. Dezhdrle class Destroyer
  22. Diefr class Belter
  23. Dienjzhiae class Fleet Intelligence Corvette
  24. Dirqral class Battleship
  25. Dlevrrk class Light Cruiser
  26. Dranzhrin class Consular Corvette
  27. Dredlezhdr class Fleet Escort
  28. Echtover Dazhia class Council Cruiser AKA Dazhia class Council Cruiser
  29. Ejdle class Fleet Escort
  30. Enshbasi class Destroyer
  31. Fanzheinz class Far Trader
  32. Fitl class Strike Cruiser
  33. Frerzhzhdripl class Battle Rider
  34. Iadiadlsiz class Fleet Tanker
  35. Idlev class Superbattleship
  36. Ietlzhdrzhdrkre class Fleet Escort
  37. Ipltsiedle class Destroyer Escort AKA Ipltsiedle class Light Fleet Frigate
  38. Iprtsielezhdr class Battle Rider
  39. Jderveledr class Fleet Carrier
  40. Jdimer'Tsie class Battle Rider
  41. Jerzhtsie class Destroyer
  42. Jotvobl class Battleship
  43. Kefchenzh class Armoured Cruiser
  44. Kia class Heavy Fighter
  45. Kitl class Heavy Fighter
  46. Kliqrv class Battle Carrier
  47. Kroie class Tug
  48. Lakr class Corvette
  49. Lienjadl class Battle Cruiser
  50. Lienjshiaflaa class Patrol Corvette
  51. Liapryrzh class Battle Carrier
  52. Neivrdlalh class Heavy Cruiser
  53. Nianemiev class Battle Carrier
  54. Nidashiajobr class Light Cruiser
  55. Ninz class Scout
  56. Noql class Free Trader AKA Noql class Transport
  57. Okedi class Battleship
  58. Panjiach class Heavy Cruiser
  59. Plizhdrint class Light Cruiser
  60. Plokl class Escort
  61. Riavl class Light Cruiser
  62. Sarriaklir class Battleship
  63. Shalis class Patrol Corvette
  64. Shianjo class Liner
  65. Shianzpla class Battleship
  66. Shivva class Patrol Frigate
  67. Shivva II class Patrol Frigate
  68. Shizhdr class Light Cruiser
  69. Shtiaba class Light Cruiser
  70. Stedlas class System Defense Boat
  71. Stisahsheql class Battle Carrier
  72. The Ghost of the Reach class Heavy Scout
  73. Tiaflfiet class Patrol Frigate
  74. Tlatl class Fighter AKA Tlatl class Missile Fighter
  75. Tletlkizhia class Escort
  76. Tliabazhdrinzh class Heavy Cruiser
  77. Type ZAB class Assault Boat
  78. Type ZC class Courier AKA Vehrsabl class Courier
  79. Type ZHG class Council Cruiser AKA Zhodani Council Cruiser
  80. Type ZSB class Ship's Boat
  81. Type ZSP class Pinnace
  82. Vehrsabl class Courier
  83. Vieblazhdr class Heavy Cruiser
  84. Viepchakl class Battleship
  85. Vlezdre' class Light Cruiser
  86. Vlezhdatl class Frontier Cruiser AKA Vlezhdatl class Strike Cruiser
  87. Vlezhdest class Fighter AKA Vlezhdets class Particle Fighter
  88. Vozjien class Independent Trader
  89. Vokr class Fighter
  90. Vrapkenchkinj class Light Battlecruiser
  91. Yetsabl class Courier
  92. Yiesieltsie class Light Cruiser
  93. Zdebr class Trader
  94. Zdieench class Destroyer Escort
  95. Zhdavldlits class Light Cruiser
  96. Zhdiak class Light Destroyer
  97. Zhdits class Destroyer Escort
  98. Zhodatl class System Defense Boat
  99. Zhosibadle class Destroyer Escort
  100. Zhdrbaeliprietl class Destroyer

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This military is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This military is known to regularly operate on the following systems and worlds:

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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