Zhodane (system)

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Pliebr System
Gaval/Zhodane 2719
Position Distance Name UWP
Primary 'Pliebr' 'K0 V'
0 AU Adrablsish ??00???-?
1 AU Pliantshotl ??00???-?
2 0.769 AU Zhdant A6547C8-F
1   * Viepchakl' ???????-?
3 AU Dlemstiats Tsiaqr ?000???-?
4 AU Brovlekal Gas Giant
1   * LMoon 1' ???????-?
2   * LMoon 2' ???????-?
3   * LMoon 3' ???????-?
4   * SMoon 1' ???????-?
5   * SMoon 2' ???????-?
6   * SMoon 3' ???????-?
7   * SMoon 4' ???????-?
8   * SMoon 5' ???????-?
9   * SMoon 6' ???????-?
5 AU Emkachdraf ??0A???-?

Zhdant orbits the yellow-orange star Pliebr.

  • Pliebr is a K0 V star with Luminosity 0.42 LSol, a radius of 0.908 RSol, and a mass of 0.811 MSol.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

  1. Adrablsish: Innermost "hot-rockball" planet tidally locked to Pliebr. Robot mining is carried out here.
  2. Pliantshotl: Second planet. Bare rock previously used as Zhodani Hostile environment training area
  3. Zhdant: Zhodani Home world. Zhdant is 9620 km in diameter, and orbits Pliebr at a distance of 0.769AU, completing one orbit every 275.2 standard days. It rotates once on its axis every 27.02 standard days.
  • A single large tidally-locked reddish-pink moon named Viepchakl which possesses a very thin atmosphere orbits Zhdant. Viepchakl orbits Zhdant once every 40.7 local days at a distance of 379,500 km.
  1. Dlemstiats Tsiaqr: Asteroid Belt. Still major mining source.
  2. Brovlekal: Only gas giant. This planet has three large satellites and six small ones. The satellites are home to traffic-control installations and large naval system-defense bases.
  3. Emkachdraf: Small airless iceball. There is a minor robotic system defense base located on the surface.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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