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Zaglle/Zarthurrue (Knoellighz 3132)
Milieu 1116
StarportD Poor: No Construction, Minor Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size9 Large (14,400 km, 1.03g - 1.33g)
Atmosphere4 Thin (tainted)
Hydrographics7 Wet World 70%
Population4 Moderate (10 thousand)
Government0 No Government structure
Law0 No Law
Tech Level3 Pre-Industrial (basic science)
See also UWP
Jump map from [1]
System Details
Primary F5 V
Worlds 3
Gas Giants 0
Planetoid Belts 0
Cultural Details
Government No government
Law Level No law
Cultural Extension 1111
Army Size (BEs) 0
Economic Details
Technology Level 3
Economic Extension
Labor3Low (1 thousand)
Infrastructure3 Very limited
Importance Extension -3
Resource Units 1
GWP (BCr) 0
World Trade Number 2
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 0
Starport Details
Classification Class-D
Port Size 0
Building Capacity (Tons) 0
Port employees 0
Port passengers (annual) 0

Zaglle is a world suited to becoming an agricultural world, but with a population between 10,000 and 100,000 sophonts, but lacks the capability to produce or process sufficient resources to export its projected agricultural produce. This is a temperate world, with a climate of average temperatures. It is a Vargr dominated Non-Aligned world in the Zarthurrue Subsector of Knoellighz Sector.

Description (Astrography & Planetology)[edit]

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Monostellar System[edit]

Zaglle Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Color Classification Remarks
Zaglle Primary Yellow-White F5 V

System Data[edit]

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World Data[edit]

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World Geography & Topography[edit]

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Native Lifeforms[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The post-calamity colony re-discovered in 1100 by Zarthurre subsector , slaving Fetches upon Zaglle (Knoellighz 3132) D947400-3 Ga Lt Ni was found not a ruin but a stabilized, regressed Vargr society of factional packs and families surrounding the overgrown, relic Downport. The headhunting Fetches found a culture that had slipped from TL–11 down to TL–3 in just under three hundred years. The original colonization attempt issued Coreward from the first expansion of the Oculus Alignment polity in the Rimward – Trailing corner of Knoellighz Sector. This colony was assumed lost and no attempt to make contact was possible due to internal Failing and Doomed worlds poorly chosen by the polity government. Zaglle slipped downward to a pre-Industrial Age technology, especially due to overconfidence in the original colonization planners.

There were little contingency plans and procedures in place to prepare the initial landing craft for a local, painful strain of muscle-weakening infection carried by the local fauna later known as Zagllellian Shakes. Taking the colony population down from 100,000 to just over 10,000 in the face of increased planetary surface gravity, many died by their own weight and inability to cope with loss of strength. Referees: End -4 check per week or suffer -1 Str per week for three months unless treated by TL 12 Medicines. Once strain has played through a victim once that sophont is no longer affected by the infection and a vaccination or inoculation can be devised with a Medic -4 check and a proper TL12 lab or equipment.

The infectious strain shredded the colony at the same time the personal and colony filtration devices failed to screen the colony-tainted atmosphere. Tens of thousands died by disease, intense gravity, fauna attacks and fracturing colony government until only TL–3 tribes of families and packs remained. Clustered some distance in all directions about the ruined, D-rated Downport, they settled into a quietus of relative territoriality based on four main factions.

Though the descendants of the original colony had regressed to TL 3, clockworks, metalworking society making used of spring-loaded dart, shard, shot throwers and spike-throwing organ launchers along with lower technology weaponry; they kept up the hope that another wave of colonization would follow from Rimward. Little was known of off-world until 1100, when the Zarthurrue Triangle Trade discovered and added Zaglle to the chain of source and destination worlds in its flesh-and-fur sales. Vargr slavers in Jump-2 capable starships spotted, quite by chance, the ruined footprint of the relic Downport and set down to make new contact with the local, but now-primitive descendants thought lost long ago. But the slavers took another tack. They offered to sell their even lower TL-based slaves to the local Zaglleans, some tech-appropriate equipment and purchased Fetched slaves from Zaglle, (often by misrepresentation of opportunity) to destinations off-world. Faced against the interstellar technology and their own Low Population and lack of both unifying Government and Law, the planet succumbed to the chain of slaving supply and demand. The slavers could find little else valuable in the entire solar system as there were no planetoid belts and no Gas Giants to entice investors in Zaglle. Its greatest commodity was Vargr of lower technology origination.

Zaglle’s large size punishes visitors with its 1.35 surface gravity, causing many to require treatment within a week of strenuous physical regiment to acclimate. Referee: locals gain +1 Str and -1 End due to local gravity and atmospheric qualities of Zaglle.

The atmosphere about Zaglle as of 1100 is still Thin and Tainted requiring use of a simple filter, locals have been capable of fashioning from plant and animal materials and specialized washing procedures for reuse. This has kept the last of the colonists from earning a Failing world rating.

With a 70% hydrosphere, Zaglle has enjoyed fishing when herds of fauna ranged too far from the relic Downport. Sail power has allowed fishing schooners and reef rafts to act as netting platforms.

The Low population has had little contingency for backup systems technology and has thus slid to wind-up, spring loaded rail cars and propeller driven schooners to make up for lack of favorable winds. Spring loaded ballistae and fishing harpoons are main ship batteries of weaponry.

The relic Downport can only offer basic metal shaping and forging services in addition to transporting water by rail from the coast in Vargr-pumped tanks.

A Barrows-style necropolis can be found in the northernmost regions from the original colony ruins. During winters, inches of snow cover this city of the dead laid to rest after the collapse of civilization on Zaglle.

There are four Factions with tribal, micro-Governments of: 5, 6, 8 and A structures and there is much overlap as territories are fought for control. Some Factions welcome the slavers from off-world as a chance to leave Zaglle (albeit as slaves, knowingly or ignorantly). The rest are willing to at least trade for servants who can acclimate or be vaccinated successfully against the local muscle-atrophy disease.

The temperate climate of the planet allows for pre-Industrial farming, domestication of local herd fauna and successful irrigation of ranches and supplementary vegetable and fruit crops.

Without a unifying Government, the planet is largely at the mercy of visiting, slaver starships seeking to empty their holds of lower-tech slaves and tech-appropriate wares and take on stock for the next higher bracket of Technology.

The lack of a unified Law means there are no restrictions and tribes compete for better and better technologies – if they can – to battle off enemy tribes for control of the relic Downport. One brigand pack is another pack’s militia.

Circa 1130, the UWP of the world self-regenerates its atmosphere to D957400-3 and is purposefully kept Low-Tech by slaving operations and annexation by the departing Democracy of Greats and the expanding Oculus Alignment. This is immediately halted by the onslaught of Virus and its subsequent Vampire Fleets which pummel the Downport repeatedly until all the factions retreat miles from the site. Losing interest, the Vamipres then move on to other targets.

The Empress Wave does little overall damage to Zaglle in the year 1151 as Wild Talents who have settled deeper into the wilderness for seclusion are struck in silence by the “Yonder Chilling Thought” long feared by the Zhodani Consulate. As there were little to no Mentored and zero Instituted Psions locally, the Wave’s impression was minimal as it took effect on improperly shielded Vargr.

Imperial High (Landed) Nobility[edit]

TBD, as a member world of the Third Imperium has a member of the Imperial Nobility overseeing the world.

World Starport[edit]

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World Technology Level[edit]

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World Government[edit]

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World Military[edit]

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World Economy[edit]

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Trade Data[edit]

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World Demographics[edit]

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World Culture[edit]

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Historical Data[edit]

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World Timeline[edit]

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