Z.I.S.M.V. Vlezhdatl

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Z.I.S.M.V.: Vlezhdatl
Vlezhdatl cover.JPG
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author Jordan WeismanL. Ross Babcock III
Format Deck plans
Canonical 1
Edition Classic traveller
Year Published 1981
Pages 10
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Author:Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III

Scenarios By: J. Andrew Keith.

Cover Art: By William H. Keith

Edited By: William S. Ettelson and Karen VanderMey

Summary: Deck Plans for a Zhodani Strike Cruiser.

Describes a 2000-ton Vlezhdatl Class Zhodani Strike Cruiser along with its 2 Vlezhdest fighters, using 15mm deck plans; also includes three mini scenarios.

10 large map sheets.