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Cost Cr2
Size 1 liter
Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–3
Weight 1kg

A Vargr dish native to Lair (Provence 2402), Z'zezishz is a layered casserole of boiled, puréed yam or potato, with meat drippings and fat beaten in, layered with thick, highly seasoned meat gravy and sautéed, finely diced vegetables.

To prepare the dish, a layer of purée is laid in a greased casserole dish, followed by a layer of gravy, followed with a layer of purée, then a layer of mirepoix, and so on, with a final layer of purée on top. The top of the purée is marked with a fork or other, similar implement, brushed generously with melted butter or fat, and topped with a layer of crisp-fried, granulated, dried meat or chopped, sautéed bacon.

The dish is always heavily salted and laced with pepper or some other hot spice. Z'zezishz is usually accompanied with herbed Vargr crisp-bread.

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