Xenough Subsector

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Xenough Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Xenough
No. of Stars 26
Majority Control Avalar Consulate - 58%
2nd Control Non-aligned - 38%
3rd Control Zhodani Client State - {{{c3p}}}%
Map Key Map Key

Xenough (Foreven K) subsector.

Sizapooma's government crumbled and fled as the Zhodani Exodus became a flood. The Zhodani naval base was overrun and looted by pirates. The only order is provided by a surviving regiment of Zhodani army troops trapped on the world. Anipaso has become the main focus point of the Regency's response to the crisis. Unfortunately, the naval forces located there haven't even slowed the flood of refugees, though they've enjoyed some success against pirates attempting to spread deeper into the subsector.

The Capital of this subsector, Zenough profits a lot from its proximity to the Torinsk Belt and the Mahir system where valuable ores (Lanthanum, Iridium, etc...) are mined and to the closeness of the former Kamrati League with its fine trading traditions. The high law-level at Torinsk and Mahir is mostly to protect its valuable resources.

The standard jump-2 trade route from the Kamrati League into the Avalar Consulate, and further into Zhodani space goes through the two worlds of Nesturgi and Dibelon. These two worlds have not been able to profit from this and have only got a type C starport and a tech-level of 9.

Despite the warming trend of the Post-Collapse period, trade with the Zhodani only increased marginally. What growth the two worlds did enjoy came from immigration from the far trailing portions of the Regency during the Abandonment. Ironically, their habitability and trading relations made them attractive to fleeing Zhodani during the Exodus.

The total population of Xenough Subsector is 92.8 Billion. Highest TL is E, at Torinsk, Xenough and Lenin.

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