World Displays

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World Displays
World Displays Ad Astra.jpg
Publisher Ad Astra Products
Version Classic Traveller
Author James Steuard, Jefferson Meyer, Paul Sissenstein
Format Softcover
Canonical No
Year Published 1981
Pages 44

World Displays (Game Product) Synopsis[edit]

A booklet for referees to detail subsectors and world. Two types of forms are provided

  • Subsector (side by side UWP and Subsector map
  • World Map form with a distance map on bottom to indicate other planets in a star system.

World Displays (Game Product) Description[edit]


World Displays (Game Product) Meta-history & Background[edit]

Classic Traveller Book 3 Worlds and Adventures (1977) created the UWP, which was later expanded with "Extended UWP Statistics", and was continued with the following products:

World Displays (Game Product) Credits[edit]


World Displays (Game Product) Table of Contents[edit]