Wallace Gravitic Recon Vehicle GRV

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Tech Level 12
Mass 30 tons
Cost Mcr7.057
Mode flight
Speed 1200kph
Cargo 1.2kl
Crew 4
Passengers 0
Armament VRF Gauss Gun

The Wallace is a light reconaissance vehicle employed by Caledonian armored reconaissance units.

The Wallace has a crew of four; operator, gunner, commander, and sensor operator.

Caledonian Armored Reconnaissance Doctrine[edit]

The mission of the Wallace is:

  • In the attack - to find and fix the enemy for attack or bombardment. Using stealth, speed and - if necessary - firepower and durability, the Wallace will locate enemy concentrations and gaps, and holding them in place for assault (by the Chieftain and Curate units), bombardment or bypass.
  • On the move - covering the movements of larger forces, and guarding exposed flanks.
  • On defense - detecting enemy attacks, fixing their location for headquarters, and delaying and harassing them until they can be caught, isolated and destroyed.

Wallace Variants[edit]

Variant designs include:

  • Forward Observer Vehicle (FOV) - Gun/Gunner replaced by target acquisition/designation equipment and operator; crew includes operator, commander, observer, commlink operator.
  • Reconnaissance Command Vehicle (RCV) - Two of these vehicles accompany each cavalry squadron, and two with the Battalion HQ - one for the commander, one for the adjutant (second in command). Weapons replaced by communications and situational-awareness equipment. Crew includes operator, Commander, comms operator, sensor operator.

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