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This language is primarily used by the Vargr race throughout the Vargr Extents supra-polity. It is a central language.

The principal Vargr Languages are:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Vuakedh is the language of Vargr from the Domain of Antares, and variants of it are spoken in the Antares Pact and the Julian Protectorate.

Bhyarrvouf, Goughzar, and Rafe all speak pure Imperial Vuakedh, though 'Vouf occasionally sprinkles his language with idioms and phrases from more "barbarian" cultures and Rafe and 'Zar usually prefer Anglic, which is easier on the human vocal system.

Vuakedh, like most of the Irilitok tongues, is very different from the Gvegh dialects of the Spinward Extents; it has a multitude of unique phonemes that require much training to distinguish, and a hint of the tonality found in Bilandin (Old Vilani).

Because of this, there are two immediately obvious differences between speech and conversation in Vuakedh and in Gvegh:

  • One is that Vuakedh is an incredibly compact language, with almost no word having more than two syllables, and the other is that...
  • Charisma is asserted through tone rather than word structure or timing.

To a Gvegh Vargr, an Irilitok Vargr sounds more like a pseudobio robot with limited programming than a real sophont, and Irilitok jokes about the ten years it takes for a Gvegh speaker to finish a sentence are widespread.

Vuakedh uses prefixes instead of separate word particles in many cases, only occasionally repeats itself for emphasis, and creates verb and adjective structures with tonality and emphasis.

All of this leads to very short sentences with a wealth of compact meaning. It is the most efficient of all Vargr tongues, and perhaps the most compact language of any major race short of the Hiver touch-speech.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This language is primarily in use in the following areas:

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