Voyage of the Hiishiiha

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The Hiishiiha was a 700 dTon Jump-1 Sath merchant ship of the 54th century that was fitted out as a extented range vessel. It was chosen to carry an expedition across interstellar space between Sshkih and Saa Kaa, a system lying within the Hak'tha Spread.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Hiishiiha, a new Kiisa class Provincial Merchant then being manufactured at the Sshkih shipyards, had been selected in 5330AD as a suitable vessel with which to conduct a crewed survey of the Spread. The basic design was reliable and sturdy and popular among its crews. The Hiishiiha was extensively modified - the vessel was fitted with a large amount of additional fuel tankage, its sensors and communications were heavily upgraded, and it was fitted with a dedicated hanger deck and additional small craft. It underwent proofing trials throughout 5336AD and came through with flying colours.

The crew and scientists who were to travel aboard it were hand-picked from among the cream of the Shikh’aa Faction and underwent extensive training and preparations.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The Hiishiiha is believed to be the first crewed expedition to have deliberately travelled to the Hak'tha Spread.

Records surviving from the Third Confederation indicate that another vessel, the Meronatha Swann, misjumped into the Spread during the 35th century. Its fate remains unknown.

The Voyage wasn't an accidental crossing. It took years of planning and a vast amount of resources – decades of dedicated research time were poured into planning the jump-route alone.

It crossed the Crown of the Void, departing the Sshkih system in mid-5338AD and jumping a parsec at a time through deep space until it reached the Saa Kaa system in Far Home Sector, using its additional fuel tankage to achieve this.

It refuelled at Saa Kaa, at the system's sole gas giant, and continued to cruise through the core systems of the Hak'tha Spread, passing through both Course Sector and Deep Sector as it did so. Within each system they entered, the Hiishiiha's crew sent small craft and landing parties to physically set foot on as many planetary bodies and satellites as they could. When they reached Isshikha (within Deep Sector) they retraced their steps and recrossed the Void, arriving back in the Sshkih system in mid-5339AD. Their journey had taken nearly 46 weeks.

The crew of the Hiishiiha left claim markers and caches of supplies and equipment on some of the worlds they visited, none of which have ever been located. Such artefacts would be worth a fortune if they could be found.


The Hiishiiha remains as a permanent exhibit at Sa Skah'Sath (the Museum of Sath Cultural History) on Ch'kaahi, in Far Home Sector.

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