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The Vilani Main, one of the largest chains of jump-1 worlds in the Imperial region, is the oldest, richest, and most cohesive section of the Imperium.

  • Few of its worlds gave up interstellar travel during the Long Night.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Almost two-thirds of the planets in the Vland Sector can be reached from Vland by a series of one-parsec jumps.

The Main extends rimward and spinward from Vland through Gushemege Sector along the border of the great rift, and touching the coreward borders of Reft Sector, Ilelish Sector and Verge Sector.

The Main extends to trailing into spinward subsectors of the Lishun Sector.

Arms & Branches[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Maps produced before the Rule of Man call the Main by its original Vilani name, Arshukaa Sagalaa.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds are located upon this Main:

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Aadshas  •  Aaki  •  Aashma  •  Akimu  •  Answerin  •  Arna  •  Aska  •  Cablu  •  Chathi  •  Daama  •  Daas  •  Dana  •  Duukhaa  •  Ersharsa  •  Fau  •  Fay (Gu 1925)  •  Gashema  •  Geka  •  Gemid  •  Ges  •  Gisi  •  Gushnemasha  •  Gwi  •  Iimkhir  •  Iiu  •  Iliika  •  Irdiish  •  Irsaar  •  Jarsae  •  Kaldi  •  Karrana'ch  •  Kashmiir  •  Kaza  •  Kedaa  •  Khaem  •  Khi (Da 2603)  •  Khikaeg  •  Khiradu  •  Kishgakhir  •  Kurdeshu  •  Manoh  •  Mikakesh  •  Mimu  •  Newcastle (Vl 1801)  •  Nuikh  •  Nulisud  •  Osakis  •  Oumuu  •  Rathas  •  Refuge (Da 0509)  •  Seminary  •  Serpent's Reach  •  Shabii  •  Sima (Da 2736)  •  St. George (Vl 2616)  •  Tauri  •  Vland  •  Vuyha  •  Wimorel  •  Zurrian  •  
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