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Vilani Dictionary[edit]

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Word Type Meaning
Uskamsii Noun

Uskamsii (Anglic: Uskamsii)

  1. a game with a remarkable resemblance to golf.

A player uses a club to drive a small ball towards a distant target in a minimal number of shots. Vilani view the course itself as the opponent, and prefer to stick to the same course for every game. Construction of the course is expensive and access to one is restricted to the damgarii (Anglic: damgarii) and enshii (Anglic: enshii) classes.

Duriir Noun

Duriir (Anglic: Duriir)

  1. A Vilani team game resembling volleyball with rackets.

The field is two wedges pointing at each other. Each wedge is divided into five zones with a player in each zone. The object is to make the ball fall in the opposing team's wedge. The further in the ball falls, the more points are scored. Only the player in the wedge's point zone is allowed to hit the ball into the other side. The other players defend against the lobs of the opposing point man and work the ball forward to their point man.

Damgarii Noun

Damgarii (Anglic: Damgarii)

  1. the "merchants" or "managers" class in Vilani society.

Damgarii fill the positions of junior and mid-level officers in the military, run the day-to-day operations of the shangarim, and virtually all scientists are damgarii.

Enshii Noun

Enshii (Anglic: Enshii)

  1. the "nobles" or "executives" class in Vilani society.

The original enshii class derives from the aristocratic rulers of Vland's earliest agricultural towns.

They control the shangarim Makhidkarun.

Ii Noun

Ii (Anglic: Ii)

  1. caste.
  2. career.

In Vilani society there are few career changes. However there is no requirement for any citizen to have the same career as her parents.

Engarii Noun

Engarii (Anglic: Engarii)

  1. the "commoners" or "employees" class in Vilani society.
Aki Noun

Aki (Anglic: Aki)

  1. the semi-legendary sword of the Vilani warrior-king Golosh.
Daaluusinnagi Noun

Daaluusinnagi (Anglic: Daaluusinnagi)

  1. a legendary Vilani hero, called the Defender, and wielder of the sword Igliim (Anglic: Igliim).
Danuuz Noun

Danuuz (Anglic: Danuuz)

  1. the name of the enchanted sword of the legendary Vilani folk hero Maashdikhe (Anglic: Maashdikhe).
Igliim Noun

Igliim (Anglic: Igliim)

  1. Steel.
  2. The name of a sword belonging to the legendary Vilani hero Daaluusinnagi (Anglic: Daaluusinnagi) the Defender, and the original name given to the world Steel.
Maashdikhe Noun

Maashdikhe (Anglic: Maashdikhe)

  1. a legendary Vilani hero, the protagonist of a set of folk tales. When his village is threatened by a demon, he procures a magic sword, Danuuz (Anglic: Danuuz), and defeats the demon.
Arkhash Noun

Arkhash (Anglic: Arkhash)

  1. gold.
Dir Noun

Dir (Anglic: Dir) (plural edir (Anglic: edir))

  1. A night
  2. night time
  3. A span of either 2 Ishuuna (Anglic: Ishuuna), 5 gimu (Anglic: gimu), or 15.9 standard hours.
Dran Noun

Dran (Anglic: Dran) (plural edran (Anglic: edran))

  1. A day
  2. The day light portion of a day.
  3. A span of either 2 Ishuuna (Anglic: Ishuuna), 5 Gimu (Anglic: Gimu), or 15.9 standard hours.
Lanamada Noun

Lanamada (Anglic: Lanamada)

  1. A continent.
Danakguraka Noun

Danakguraka (Anglic: Danakguraka)

  1. A peninsula.
Khaalab-mada Noun

khaalab-mada (Anglic: khaalab-mada)

  1. A peninsula.
Gilan Noun

Gilan (Anglic: Gilan)

  1. Older sibling of the same gender.
Gashukubi Adjective

Gashukubi (Anglic: Gashukubi)

  1. (Low Vilani slang) certain death.
Shugilii Noun

Shugilii (Anglic: Shugilii)

  1. The "miller" or "food-processor" caste in Vilani society.

Beginning in prehistoric times, the shugilii caste developed (and hoarded) safe methods for food preparation. With advanced technology and interstellar trade the need for these secret techniques declined, but the shugilii retained a role as guardians of tradition, the closest thing Vilani society has to a priestly caste.

Kimashargur Noun

Kimashargur (Anglic: Kimashargur)

  1. Virtue of the Foremost
  2. khagarii (Anglic: khagarii) faction of the Ziru Sirka
Khagarii Noun

Khagarii (Anglic: Khagarii)

  1. a dissident.
  2. a group that lives and works within Vilani society but rejects some or all of the Ziru Sirka traditions. They are denied a variety of rights within the imperial system and must live apart from mainstream society so that they can't foul imperial harmony.
Kiduunuuzi Noun

Kiduunuuzi (Anglic: Kiduunuuzi)

  1. Translation of holders of special privileges.
  2. those who do the routine work of local administration in the Ziru Sirka.
  3. Equivalent Vilani nobility rank to an Imperial Knight
Kushamii Noun

Kushamii (Anglic: Kushamii)

  1. the Rim Marches of the Ziru Sirka.
Kushuggi Noun

Kushuggi (Anglic: Kushuggi)

  1. the Rim Worlds province of the Ziru Sirka containing Muan Gwi and Terra.
Lukurranii Noun

Lukurranii (Anglic: Lukurranii)

  1. those who come from foreign lands.
  2. those who come the the underworld.
  3. barbarians.

Actually the word Lukurranii means "Sapient Beings who live entirely outside the Imperial system". They reject Vilani traditions, actually they aren't even be aware of them.

Vilani think they threaten the order, stability, and harmony of Vilany society simply by existing. When they are capable of operating starships, the threat will be much bigger 'cause they can spread their chaos into the Vilani civilization.

Shangarim Noun

Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim)

  1. bureaus.
  2. bureaucratic agencies.
Saarpuhii Noun

Saarpuhii (Anglic: Saarpuhii)

  1. Translation of under-king.
  2. the supervisor of Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim) activity across a hundred worlds or so.
  3. Noble Vilani rank equivalent to Imperial Duke.
Sarriiu Noun

Sarriiu (Anglic: Sarriiu)

  1. Translation of supreme governor.
  2. overseers of a number of Shakkanakhu (Anglic: Shakkanakhu).
  3. Noble Vilani rank equivalent to Imperial Marquis.

Shakkanakhu Noun

Shakkanakhu (Anglic: Shakkanakhu)

  1. Translation of provincial governor.
  2. overseer of 3-6 Ziru Sirka worlds.
  3. Equivalent Vilani rank to Imperial Count
Iishakku Noun

Iishakku (Anglic: Iishakku)

  1. Translation of Governor.
  2. managers of a Ziru Sirka world each.
  3. A Vilani nobility rank equivalent to a Imperial Baron
Ishimkarun Noun

Ishimkarun (Anglic: Ishimkarun)

"Shadow Emperor" of the Ziru Sirka ("Empire of Stars"). He manages the Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim) (castes), Gisadia Ziru Sirka (Imperial Army), and Aasha Ziru Sirka (Imperial Navy), and deals with all incidents in the Imperium through the Igsiirdi ("Central Ruling Council"). In the Ziru Sirka, he is the sole source of law.

The Ishimkarun can only interact with the Igsiirdi (Anglic: Igsiirdi) 15 chosen members: 1 represents the Imperial Army, 1 represents the Imperial Navy, 3 each are appointed by the three Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim), and 4 members are chosen directly by Ishimkarun. The five factions (Army, Navy, and the 3 Shangarim) in turn must only interact through Ishimkarun and may not deal directly with each other. New or replacement members of the Igsiirdi (Anglic: Igsiirdi) are elected by their faction, but a replacement Ishimkarun is elected by the Igsirrdi from amongst their numbers after the old Ishimkarun dies.

Karunii Noun

Karunii (Anglic: Karunii)

  1. petty, i.e, little, emperors.
  2. an informal name for Apkallu kibrat arban (Anglic: Apkallu kibrat arban).

Some of articles in this wiki confuse this word with Enshii (Anglic: Enshii).

Duraag Noun

Duraag (Anglic: Duraag)

  1. market.
Aasha Noun

Aasha (Anglic: Aasha)

  1. Fleet, navy.
Amrimkhar Noun

Amrimkhar (Anglic: Amrimkhar)

  1. warrant officer without command duties.
Anlagar Noun

Anlagar (Anglic: Anlagar)

  1. the star 61 Cygni B.
Dhue Noun

Dhue (Anglic: Dhue)

  1. Fighter.
  2. Spacefighter.
  3. Starfighter.
  4. Interface Fighter.
  5. Air Fighter.

Fighters are small craft used in combat.

See Fighter or Fighters for more information.

Disigshar Noun

Disigshar (Anglic: Disigshar)

  1. a sandwich filled with a variety of sliced meats and vegetables.
Duusirka Noun

Duusirka (Anglic: Duusirka)

  1. the star Vega.
Eshimaar Noun

Eshimaar (Anglic: Eshimaar)

  1. a marshalling yard.
  2. a depot.
Gaashnarru Noun

Gaashnarru (Anglic: Gaashnarru)

  1. battlegroups.
Gakinisharra Noun

Gakinisharra (Anglic: Gakinisharra)

  1. a drug used to treat sleeplessness.
Gamirirem Noun

Gamirirem (Anglic: Gamirirem)

  1. a staff officer on a large Aasha (Anglic: Aasha) base.
Gisadia Noun

Gisadia (Anglic: Gisadia)

  1. army.
Ishkaaim Noun

Ishkaaim (Anglic: Ishkaaim)

  1. tank battalions.
Kash Noun

Kash (Anglic: Kash)

  1. fast, rapid.
  2. the drug Fast.
Khapsish Noun

Khapsish (Anglic: Khapsish)

  1. a heavy, cutlass-like blade.
Kiikag Noun

Kiikag (Anglic: Kiikag)

  1. a dagger with a brass knuckle-like guard.
Kuearda Noun

Kuearda (Anglic: Kuearda)

  1. corps, three to five lurkugi (Anglic: lurkugi).
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