Valen Trade Protectorate

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The Valen Trade Protectorate was an early modern state of Halcyon Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Occupying the Utt Cluster.

It consisted of heavily populated Valen (1131 Halcyon), mineral-rich Fath (1230 Halcyon) and agricultural Utt (1231 Halcyon). These systems ratified economic agreements and defense treaties but lacked any inherent starfaring capability, instead relying on vessels chartered from Bright Expansion to fill their needs. Bright Expansion charged extortionate fees and taxes for their services and refused any form of compensation for shipments that were lost due to piracy.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Trade Protectorate representatives approached a powerful local pirate group, the Association of the Star, and were able to negotiate a treaty to protect their interests in return for intelligence and supplies. The partnership proved mutually beneficial and the Association began to work closely with the Trade Protectorate, offering the use of its private shipyards and eventually acting as a security force for the state. The Valen Trade Protectorate and the Association of the Star merged to form the Greater Associations of Worlds, usually called the Enlightened, in 5000AD, following the Associations War.

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