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An Unusual Atmosphere is an atmosphere that possesses highly irregular or rare qualities.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Many such atmospheres are highly variegated in composition, pressure, and other qualities such as the surface of an Ellipsoid World.

Selected Unusual Atmosphere Types[edit]

  1. Doughnut Atmosphere
  2. Ellipsoidal Atmosphere
  3. Mobile World Atmosphere
  4. Rad World Atmosphere
  5. Ring World Atmosphere
  6. Roche Worlds Atmosphere
  7. Rogue Atmosphere
  8. Rosette World Atmosphere
  9. Sphere World Atmosphere
  10. Storm World Atmosphere
  11. Tent World Atmosphere
  12. Twilight Zone Atmosphere

Extreme Atmospheres[edit]

Extreme Atmospheres: Some of the more difficult atmosphere types to explain and describe are the 'extremes', types A, B and C which equate to Exotic, Corrosive and Insidious.

  1. Whereas the Very Thin, Thin, Standard and Dense atmospheres are generally Earth-like in pressures with Earth-like gasses (Nitrogen-Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide mixtures) in a variety of amounts, the 'extremes' are terribly toxic, horribly lethal and utterly alien.
  2. The three types are really grades of lethality, and an A type and C type atmosphere may actually contain the same poisonous gas, just in different amounts. [1]
Lethality of Extreme Atmospheres
Atmo. Code Class Name Danger Remarks
A Exotic, Conventional Exotic Atmosphere DANGEROUS A gaseous mixture, which is unbreathable by mainline conventional life sophonts.
B Exotic, Conventional Corrosive Atmosphere HIGHLY DANGEROUS Not only a dangerous gaseous mixture, but may have dangerous pressure, an temperature qualities in addition to corrosive (acidic) properties.
C Exotic, Conventional Insidious Atmosphere EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Even more dangerous than a Corrosive Atmosphere, with persistently lethal properties that will kill most mainstream sophonts within minutes and destroy most protective equipment within two to twelve hours.
D, E, F Exotic, Unusual Unusual Atmosphere DANGEROUS Unusual Atmospheres have livable respiration zones, typically at the heights or depths of a topography. They are rare worlds with very unconventional atmospheres such as Ellipsoid Worlds.

Basic Exotic-Extreme Atmosphere Types[edit]

  1. Extreme Low Temperature
  2. Very Thin, Low Temperature
  3. Very Thin, Moderate Temperature
  4. Very Thin, High Temperature
  5. Thin/Standard/Dense, Low Temperature
  6. Thin/Standard/Dense, Moderate Temperature
  7. Thin/Standard/Dense, High Temperature
  8. Very Dense, Low Temperature
  9. Very Dense, Moderate Temperature
  10. Very Dense, High Temperature
  11. Extreme High Temperature

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These worlds tend to be quite rare and many are attractive as tourist locations of great renown within Charted Space.

References & contributors (Sources)[edit]

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