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An unnamed, unexplored or otherwise unknown subsector.

Description / Specifications[edit]

This subsector is a largely unknown area of space ("Wildspace") that has not been officially named and may not have been extensively charted. It is likely to be informally known by a variety of names.

Astrographic Features & Trade Routes[edit]

Depending on the nature of the broader region in which it lies, this Subsector is likely to contain stars and their planetary systems, and may also contain other significant astrographic features such as dust clouds or nebulae.

No trade routes officially exist within the Subsector. However, individuals or organisations may have knowledge of safe or preferred routes within the region.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The subsector may be totally unexplored and almost completely unknown.

The subsector may have been explored at some time in the past, though any astrographic charts (and the data pertaining to any worlds and features that lie within it) are not readily available.

  • There may be the ruins and remains of a past civilization on its worlds.
  • There may be persistent rumors and stories about the subsector. While many of these are simply tall tales, some may contain a kernel of truth.

Polity Listing[edit]

No polities are known to exist within the subsector.

Native Sophonts[edit]

The subsector may contain the homeworld of one or more native sophont species. If they do exist, any such sophonts either do not advertise their presence or exist at relatively low levels of technology and are unable to initiate contact. Alternatively, any such sophonts may deliberately hide, or they may be difficult to detect due to local conditions or circumstances, such as species that exist within aquatic or subterranean environments.


No information is currently available regarding population levels within the subsector.

The subsector may be completely barren and empty of intelligent life.

However, various organisations and individuals may be active within the subsector. These may include:

  • Governmental agencies conducting official activities – most typically Scouts carrying out surveys – or universities and other institutes of learning charting its stars and the various worlds that circle them.
    • Such study and research may be conducted at long range, using astronomical instruments such as telescopes, mass spectrometers, neutrino sensors, and other modern devices. Surveys may also be carried out directly, by individuals in starships travelling into the unknown and performing research and study first-hand.
  • Corporations and businesses may be exploring the area, looking to exploit natural resources or find new commercial opportunities.
  • Covert or criminal groups seeking anonymity.
  • Groups or individuals who seek isolation or solitude.
  • Exploration being undertaken by private individuals such as pioneers, prospectors, beast-hunters, or those who seek adventure beyond the frontier.
  • Stranded spacefarers (or their descendants), perhaps present as a result of a misjump.

Groups or organisations may hold significantly more data on the region than is generally available. They may run or control covert facilities or secret bases within the region. They may proactively try to conceal their activities.

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