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The UGSN is an unusual fleet. The Union of Garth has its fleet headquarters located at a Naval Base in the Garth (world) system. The budget is very tight, so fleets of large expensive ships were not possible. They have opted instead for a fleet of essentially, independent contractors who can fend for themselves. The ship captains are owner/operators of their vessels. The central government has a training academy, but the service has more in common with the merchant marines than a regular or even colonial navy. The government provides contracts and hires ships on a case by case basis to conduct missions and carry out operations for a set fee. The captains pay a monthly mortgage. The ships tend to be multi-role, of modest performance and have commercial abilities when not engaged as warships. More experienced and successful captains upgrade their ships as soon as they can afford to. The government buys back ships and resells them to newer less experienced captains. All of these designs use equipment available at civilian yards to commercial vessels. The hulls are only available in a few standard sizes, with a fixed sized engineering section and main compartment. There is no advanced weaponry, no meson screens or nuclear dampers and no hull armor. Triple turrets predominate and there are no weapon bays nor spinal mounted weapons. As a result they usually prey on civilian vessels and tend to avoid battles with military grade vessels when they can avoid it. The cargo bays are large and special emphasis is made on carried vessels. Extra staterooms are used for protected forces troopers and small craft pilots. Low berths are not in common use. There are no assault capsules typically installed on the stock vessels. Captains are free to modify their vessels as they see fit and many surprising modifications have been observed as captains reinvest during overhauls and routine maintenance periods. The computers don't have fiber optic back ups and software plays a key role in combat. Nuclear warheads are rare, most vessels only carry one or two for emergencies. Staterooms are issued one per crew, no crowded bunk rooms common on military vessels. All the hulls are streamlined for ocean refueling and have scoops, but no fuel refineries. Typically captains set up their own small outpost on a small isolated moon. They build a small spaceport and leave their protected forces units to secure the surface. These tiny outposts are usually subsurface installations with a hangar and a large warehouse for cargo. When not on government contract these patriotic owner/operators will take the security to the union into their own hands. They search and seize vessels which they deem are a threat. The work as privateers against the enemies of the realm, and pursue missions to enhance their economic security to facilitate the eventual purchase of the next class of bigger, better vessel. The oldest, most experienced Corvette captains usually retire to their little outpost retreats to supervise the up and coming next generation. Families serve together and ships are often passed down. The ships are delivered on time, armed and loaded with vehicles, sub craft and software all included in the purchase price.

The standard designs include:

The 100 ton Kalaron Assault Scout

The 200 ton Kalaron Lancer

The 400 ton Kalaron Escort

The 600 ton Kalaron Sloop

The 800 ton Kalaron Brig

The 1,000 ton Kalaron Corvette

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