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Tugs are starships or spaceships whose primary purpose is to maneuver other ships or structures by pushing or towing them. Tugs move things that either should not or can not move themselves. Tugs are powerful vessels for their size and strongly built. They are not known for their speed, but more for their endurance and power.

Tugs are usually equipped with both grappling arms and cables. They are highly maneuverable. Many have limited engineering capacity are are able to make spot repairs. Most tugs never leave the local system, but there are some which have jump capability. Their normal means of transport is via a tender, transport, or carrier. They do not have the capability to transport ships or structures through jump space.

Naval forces may have tugs for the purpose of recovering damaged vessels, as well as moving vessels from construction docks, to finishing docks or maneuvering ships into repair docks. They are also used in space construction for moving equipment and supplies. Their size allows them to maneuver in tight spaces, and they have plenty of excess power to move heavy loads when needed. They often have additional craft for moving work crews, and those doing salvage work are often equipped with lasers to cut through debris. They also have excellent short range sensors.


TL-15 Atlas class Starport Hvy Lift Tug 100,000 tons
TL-15 Dwarf class Starport Lift Tug 10,000 tons
TL-13 Conrad Class Towing Vessel 200 tons J-2


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