Tsahrroek-Kourae Cluster

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The Tsahrroek-Kourae Cluster, the largest cluster of within the Alpha Quadrant, extends from Aekhfe spinward to Taetha trailing, and from Gousong coreward to Uedzoen rimward. Despite the size of this cluster, the more populated worlds of the Alpha Quadrant are not located within it, but are relatively isolated in smaller clusters nearby. The cluster does see a lot of trade traffic, however, given its central location and significant number of agricultural worlds.

History and Background[edit]

No information yet available.

Worlds and Sectors[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily located in the following areas:

The following systems and worlds can be found within this astrographic feature:

  1. Aekhfe (Empty Quarter 0605)
  2. Gousong (Empty Quarter 1103)
  3. Kourae (Empty Quarter 1206)
  4. Taetha (Empty Quarter 1408)
  5. Tsahrroek (Empty Quarter 0705)
  6. Uedzoen (Empty Quarter 1110)
  7. Aerzorak (Empty Quarter 0905)
  8. Aetsoek (Empty Quarter 1106)
  9. Bha Kakharkh (Empty Quarter 0805)
  10. Daalii (Empty Quarter 1109)
  11. Dhaeknorz (Empty Quarter 1307)
  12. Enzaeng (Empty Quarter 1003)
  13. Ghazko (Empty Quarter 1208)
  14. Ghungzon (Empty Quarter 0906)
  15. Gidhae (Empty Quarter 1308)
  16. Irilikhokh (Empty Quarter 1309)
  17. Kaekhaenae (Empty Quarter 0704)
  18. Ksuel (Empty Quarter 1107)
  19. Larraez (Empty Quarter 1306)
  20. Oesae (Empty Quarter 1205)
  21. Oloe (Empty Quarter 1105)
  22. Ourskadh (Empty Quarter 0903)
  23. Saezzok (Empty Quarter 1004)
  24. Threythkhe (Empty Quarter 0907)
  25. Vekhaetak (Empty Quarter 0706)

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