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Traveller Times (Fanzine)

Traveller Times (Fanzine)
Publisher Mark Gelinas
Version MegaTraveller
Author Mark Gelinas
Format Periodical (Fanzine)
Canonical No
Year Published 1987-91
Pages Various

The Traveller Times' is a newsletter that Mark Gelinas published for many years beginning in 1987 and continuing on to 1991.

Traveller Times (Periodical) Description (Fanzine)[edit]

Initially, it was called the Tidewater Traveller TIMES because he was living in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

  • Later, as readership increased the name was changed to the Terra Traveller TIMES.
  • The TIMES had a 43 issue run. A 44th issue was created on-line as an experimental e-zine.
  • Unfortunately, that is not longer available.

Traveller Times (Periodical) Meta-history & Background (Fanzine)[edit]

NOTE: The TIMES was originally created on a Tandy 2000 using a dot matrix printer.

  • Later issues would use a Macintosh and an inkjet printer.
  • In either case the originals are old and somewhat faded.
  • If I were to produce the TIMES again in a print edition, I would be able to use Framemaker (tm) and a laser printer.

Traveller Times (Periodical) Credits (Fanzine)[edit]

Traveller Times (Periodical) References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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