Traveller Referee's Screen

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Traveller Referee's Screen
Referee's Screen
Author Dave Nilsen
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Format Book (PDF)
Language English
Pages TBD
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Traveller The New Era
Year Published 1994
Available from RPGNow
ISBN 1-55878-160-9 Stock#0307
Table of Contents

The Traveller Referee's Screen is a Traveller The New Era game supplement.

  • Traveller Referee's Screen: Because refereeing is tough enough even when you do have all the answers.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

What's the maximum to-hit number when calling in orbital artillery fire? While you're at it, whats the initiative of a Veteran NPC? And what's the trotting movement rate of a K'kree? Oh yeah, and how many power level points do you need for a stage five psionic success?

A referee has to process a lot of information really fast in order to stay ahead of a group of players, bent on conquering the universe. How fast is this? How far is that? How difficult is the other thing? And now that so many players have Traveller Player's Forms, enabling them to keep even more hare-br- I mean, devious schemes at their fingertips, a referee could get in over his head real fast…

Okay, we've modified the air raft so it looks like a giant grasshopper, and my character is hanging upside down from a rope ladder beneath it with his laser rifle at the ready, he's wearing his IR Goggles and he has a bag full of Concussion Grenades. What he's going to do is ...

Face it, it's tough to stay ahead of your players, but we're here to help. The TNE Referee's Screen is six colorful panels including four packed with the data and tables you need, and all of the Traveller fire charts.

  • Three of these panels are for the referee, while one faces the players and shows the most common combat tasks, with difficulty levels, damage and fatigue penalties.
  • Also for the referee, a 16 page booklet collecting the most important tables from Traveller: The New Era into a handy, easy-to-use resource.

Just think - if you can keep the important travel, combat, and task information before your eyes at all times, that's that much more time you have to keep your adventures fresh, challenging, and, well, player-proof.

All right, we've got our rifles disguised as fumigators, and we're all in mouse suits. We knock on the office door and tell him we're from the extermination company, and then start yelling. "Mouse! Mouse! Mouse!" to confuse him. While he's on the phone trying to figure it out, we're into his file cabinets...

The other good thing about a ref's screen is that it gives you something to hide behind while you collect your thoughts and pretend to roll dice. Behind this cardboard bulwark you still reign supreme. Flip through the 16 page charts book. Bluff. Stall for time. Look confident. You will emerge refreshed, and with the answers you need to keep your adventure from bogging down in unexpected traps. But the players might not like this new weapon in your arsenal, so we've included something for them:

  • A set of character generation player aids cards. these distill the important skill lists and career entry requirements from Traveller: The New Era onto two double-sided cards, and make it easier for a group of players to share a book.

What do you mean that's not enough?

Okay, we've also included an eight-page New Era adventure introducing a pocket empire: the Covenant of Sufren. And if there's one thing the people of the Covenant have learned, it's this: Once you've met Virus, grasshoppers and mice don't scare you anymore.

All right, you referees. Strap up, take charge, and show your players a universe worth getting worked up about. New eras don't get started every day.

The answers, by the way, are: 16, 4, 30, 37, people in Diaspora aren't afraid of grasshoppers, and, sorry, they don't sell mouse suits on this planet.

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Six-panel Screen
  • 16-page Booklet of Tables
  • 4-sides Player Aids Cards
  • 8-page Adventure Outline: 'Lady Elise'

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

From the download site: If downloading the screen, bear in mind that the screen has be cut and scanned. As such, all of the information and images are included, but referees will need to recreate the screening function of this item.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Design and Adventure
Dave Nilsen
Cover Painting
Bradley K. McDevitt

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