Traveller Chronicle 9

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Traveller Chronicle #9
Issue # 9
Publisher Sword of the Knight Publications
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author Various
Format Periodical (Magazine)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1996
Pages 56


Kevin D. Knight
Associate Editor
Brenda K. Knight
Cover Art
Richard Biever
Chris Cox, Christian Royse, Nathan Mezel, Christopher Griffen, and Kevin Montanarro

Table of Contents[edit]

The Dafrenzo Long Trader by Chris Cox 3
Advanced Recruiting Rules by Christopher Griffen 5
Adventure: Gold Fever by Andy Lilly and Kevin Berry 7
Adventure: Double Cross by Marcus Zarra 13
The Izrats Kriezhlas Unity by David Thornell and Grant Sinclair 18
Izh Kriezhlal (Yiklerzdanzh Subsector O) as at 1201 by David Thornell and Grant Sinclair 21
Hardware: New Cybernetics by Andrew Doull 26
Adventure: Nova Ryll by Marcus Zarra 33
Star Viking Personality: Vella Zabeth by David Burden 38
Hoshisame Class Gun Sloop by Chris Cox 40
How Common is Your Noble? by Hans Rancke 42
Poisons in Traveller by Andrew Barrow 49
Lock on Sensors by Andrew Doull 51
Starport Notices by Andy Lilly 55