Traveller Chronicle 13

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Traveller Chronicle 13
Publisher Sword of the Knight Publications
Version Traveller: The New Era
Format magazine
Canonical no
Edition September
Year Published 1997
Pages 56

Meta-history and Background[edit]

This issue continued the publication of Children of Earth, a look at the Solomani Rim in Traveller: The New Era.


Harold Hale
Cover Art
Richard Biever
Chris Griffen

Table of Contents[edit]

Fiction:A Long Way Home - continuation from previous issue by Terrance McInnes 3
Biotechnology In Traveller by Matt Geisler 32
Children of Earth Section by Harold Hale
  Terran Information Network 36
  Additional Skills for TNE 37
  Space Travel, Trade and Commerce In the Terran Republic 38
  The Kaguk System 46
  The Kagukans 47
  The Soho Class Light Freighter 53