Traveller Chronicle 10

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Traveller Chronicle 10
[[File:TravellerChronicle10 350.jpg]]
Publisher Sword of the Knight Publications
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author Kevin D. Knight
Format Periodical
Edition 1st
Year Published 1996
Pages 56

No information or synopsis yet available.

Meta-history and Background[edit]

A large proportion of this issue was given over to the publication of Children of Earth, a look at the Solomani Rim in Traveller: The New Era. Further material was included in later issues. Corrections and addenda to some of the articles in Traveller Chronicle 10 and Traveller Chronicle 11 were published in Traveller Chronicle 12.


Kevin D. Knight
Associate Editor
Brenda K. Knight
Cover Art
Richard Biever
Nathan Mezel, Christopher Griffen, Harold Hale, and Andy Lilly

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction, Dedication, and Credits by Harold Hale 2
Notes for Solomani Rim UWP Data by Harold Hale 4
Subsector Data by Harold Hale 8
Subsector Notes by Harold Hale 24
System Name Index by Harold Hale 34
Known Star List by Harold Hale 38
Adventure: Operation Savior by Andy Lilly 41