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A major business sector of the Distant Fringe.

General Overview[edit]

Moving raw materials and goods to where they need to be. Moving people to where they want to be. Warehousing and storage of goods while they are being transported. Long term storage of goods. Bulk goods, starships, surface vessels, transport vessels, interface services, refuelling services, frontier maintenance.

There is a certain amount of cross-over with businesses considered to be part of the Media, Leisure, and Tourism sector.


The types of vessels used by transport and logistics companies can be found under Ships of the Distant Fringe.

Transport & Logistics[edit]

Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

Logistics is supply chain management that focuses on the challenge of planning and coordinating the flow of materials and information. It includes organisation, planning, management, arrangement, administration, direction, orchestration, handling, and execution. The detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation; the careful organization of a complicated activity so that it happens in a successful and effective way. Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle or ship. A system or means of conveying people or goods from place to place.

Vessels belonging to Transport and Logistics companies primarily work along Star Lanes.

Courier Services[edit]

Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

The mail or post is a system for physically transporting communications, data, documents and small parcels. A postal service can be private or public, though many worlds and interstellar states place restrictions on private postal services.

Specialist Transport Services[edit]

Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

Specialised environmental conditions, particularly for non-human sophonts. VIP transport. Prisoner Transfer services (see also Security). Frontier refuelling (Gas Traders). Frontier maintenance (the Recovery Trade).

Storage Solutions[edit]

Businesses involved in commercial storage. They specialise in keeping things safe, protected, and at their optimal environmental conditions. They are able to handle dangerous or unusual goods and can take care of extremely large volumes of material.

Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

There are considered to be three 'levels' of storage. These are:

  • Basic storage. Fundamentally, holding goods within a controlled area. Typically the goods are stored within crates, shipping containers, hoppers, boxes or barrels, drums, hoppers, or are kept as piled or stacked basic raw materials such as ore or lumber. Such goods may be protected within a simple enclosure or within a warehouse. Sufficient security is provided to protect those goods while they are being stored, and if they are stored in the open, sufficient shelter is given to adequately protect them from local environmental conditions, often taking the form of tarpaulins or covers. There is active monitoring of the goods under care (patrols and cameras), and measures are taken to reduce or eliminate potential risks or hazards.
  • Controlled storage. In addition, services are offered to store substances, goods or materials that require special conditions or particular attention. Typically this amounts to unusual environmental conditions such as high or low gravity, extremes of pressure or temperature, levels of humidity, light levels, or rhythms such as light-dark cycles. It typically includes providing an appropriate environment to sensitive materials or living organisms.
  • Special storage. This service offers facilities such as strong boxes, safes and vaults. It also includes medical storage, and controlled sealed containment for threats such as biohazards, pathogens or radiologically active substances. It also includes storage for very large items and for objects that need to be held for very long periods of time.

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