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Transcendent Sophonts are are able to transcend many to most of the rules of Space-time. While not as advanced as Ascendant Sophonts, their technology is paradigms ahead of an ultra society or the much less sophisticated TL:10-18 societies of Charted Space.

  • They are conjectured to be a extremely advanced form of life possessing TL:28-30 technology known as Dei-Tech.
  • They are heading for the Singularity and existence as a post-technological lifeform, as a post-sophont, a post-technological.
  • Some think that the Kursae might have once reached this level.
  • Some call such beings Space Gods or Star Gods.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Ultra Societies at TL:19-27 are conjectured to appear to more conventional TL:10-18 Interstellar Societies a bit strange. But transcendents are even stranger, appearing odd to even to Ultra Societies. One of the key halmarks conjectured of these societies is the practical mastery of transdimensional technologies, which is to say advancing mastery over portals, alternate universes, and pocket universes.

Such technology largely allows a society to transcend normal space-time limitations of space and even astrophysical constraints. A near unlimited number of branes or alternate universes are believed to exist and even if one of those practically unlimited ones doesn't meet the whims of a transcendent species, a new pocket universe can always be foaled from the space-time continuum. They lack the true mastery of pocket universes or even full-size universes that ascendants possess, but can practically use and create pocket universes, mini-verses if one will.

Their technology is known as Dei-Tech and are astrodeific technologies with not only a universal scope, but the ability to travel beyond the bounds of the universe. They are known as Kardaschev Type 4 Societies with Universal Mastery.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Many call these hypothetical beings Astrodeities or Space Gods as they are incredibly difficult for earlier societies to understand. Their ability to transverse nearly every obstacle of distance or location truly makes them masters of the Trans-galactic Epoch, effectively a transdimensional society.

Technology develops capabilities to manipulate worlds and stars: to move them, harvest them for their matter and energy, and convert them to other large scale objects, megastructures with sizes larger than star systems. The ability to visit other universes changes society profoundly. Entirely different astronomical environments engenders new viewpoints.

Transcendent Artifacts[edit]

Transcendent artifacts are considered to be astrodeific objects, in the TL:28-30 range. They are difficult to conceptualize, let alone recover, and are known as Dei-Tech.

Transcendent Achievements[edit]

Some of the conjectured miracles of the Transcendents include:
Transcendent Superscience:

  1. Alderson Disks
  2. Bound Drives capable of tens of thousands of parsecs of travel
  3. Computronium Mastery
  4. Matrioshka Brains
  5. Nano Mastery
  6. Near Unlimited Matter Transport
  7. Pocket Universe Creation
  8. Planet-bending Mastery (World-Bending)
  9. Planet-busters
  10. Portal Mastery
  11. Rigid Dyson Spheres
  12. Ringworlds
  13. Rosettes
  14. Shkadov Thrusters
  15. Six Drives capable of millions of parsecs of travel
  16. Sophont Creation Mastery
  17. Transdimensional Drives capable of travelling to alternate dimensions
  18. Vault Drives capable of hundreds of thousands of parsecs of travel
  19. Wormhole Mastery

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