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The Trailing Assembly was an interstellar, multi-system government.



Trailing Assembly (Polity) Government & Politics[edit]

The Trailing Assembly government was characterized as having an average degree of centralization, which gave local/regional/planetary governments more power than most governments, but sacrificed uniformity on many issues. The Trailing Assembly government was usually classified as a Assembly, a form of a Federation.

Trailing Assembly (Politics) Power Factions[edit]


Trailing Assembly (Polity) Military & Intelligence[edit]


Trailing Assembly (Polity) History & Background[edit]

(39 to 104) Former interstellar state consisting of Biter, Dyrnwyn, Durendal, Hofud, and Sting, with two more worlds, Dragvendel (Tenalphi) and Steel as protectorates. The Assembly was dissolved in 104 when Dyrnwyn assumed control of Durendal, Hofud, and Sting.

Trailing Assembly (Polity) Sectors[edit]

The Trailing Assembly was an interstellar state composed of several systems.

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