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A ToolSet is a Traveller game mechanic, an organized system for generating game components other than player characters.

  • The player character generator is known as CharGen.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The T5 Core Rules contains ToolSets for the following:

  1. ArmorMaker
  2. CharGen
  3. CreatureMaker (In version 5.09, "BeastMaker")
  4. GunMaker
  5. RobotMaker
  6. ThingMaker
  7. Traveller Sophont Creation System (SophontMaker)
  8. VehicleMaker

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

CharGen and various simulators for making various things across a broad spectrum from NPCs to objects to armor to weaponry to vehicles to starships and more have been a consistent feature of the game since 1977.

Many ToolSets have been converted into online calculators and similar programs.

The Perils of CharGen[edit]

Traveller is very well known for the possibility of a character being killed before it leaves CharGen. Some might say infamous...

Goofy Gearheadery[edit]

Starship and vehicle generation, in many cases, grew quite complex and became known as gearheadery with the self-obsessed fans becoming known as gearheads.

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