Through the Waves

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Through the Waves
Travellers Aide #8
Publisher QuikLink Interactive
Version Traveller D20
Author Thomas Jones-Low
Format PDF
Canonical 1
Year Published 2004
Pages 42
Available from RPGNow

Travellers’ Aide-8. Despite the seemingly archaic nature of watercraft in this age of fast grav vehicles, ships of all sizes still perform vital duties, from recreation to research to cargo hauling on worlds throughout the Imperium.

As with previous editions of the Yiarn Caardee catalogs to appear in the Traveller's Aide, this edition showcases 27 different watercraft designs of varying technological levels from the smallest dinghy to the largest cargo carriers. Also included are numerous tips from the Yiarn Caardee design staff, as well as new design features you can use when designing your own vehicles under the T20 rules.


Author: Thomas Jones-Low
Editor: Martin Dougherty
Cover: Bryan Gibson, Chad Fidler
Interior Illustrations: Bryan Gibson
Art Direction: Hunter Gordon